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The most beautiful romantic place ever
John cena
Omg, i wanna go here sooo bad. this is where i want to spend my honeymoon! <3


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Yeah please don't laugh at how i say lozenge.....


amy lee
 kanye wests hair totally looks like a termite colonylady gaga totally looks like wilson the volleyballalbino gorilla totally looks like albino from uk big brother

Mmm so I have no idea what to post, so it's like my community so i will just ramble for a bit. If you stumble across us feel free to join. I for one would love fake e drama or really e drama come on we all love e drama. Macros are allways a good thing to post as are silly stories ad such. If your going to be a troll here please try to be funny, yeah so go and post anything.

Hmm..strange arguement with my friend.
The place where we volunteer has a pet Rabbit in a run in the garden....we cant do anything properly..

Me:  I think im gonna open the door and stroke him properly..

Jenny: No he'll jump out..and i think that ladys watching us

Me: nah he wont, he just wants a cuddle

Jenny: No, he wants to escape *slaps my hand away from the door*

Me: He'll be fine *opens the door*

Me: Ahhhh! Oh my God! *tries to push the rabbit back in*

Jenny: Oh look! I told you he was gonna jump!

Me: Don't yell at me! Ahhh! he bit me!

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